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251 Laurier Ave West.
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Frequently Asked Question

Know that Quick Furet Moving Company has full measures in place so you can move as safely as possible during Covid-19. Yes, our day-to-day operations continue in accordance to the recommendations outlined by The Public Health Agency of Canada. In addition, we have increased our cleaning and sanitation practices and put new protocols in place to enable less handling and personal interaction. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice any concerns. We’re in this together.

It’s a good idea to start planning for your home or office move with QuickFuret at least seven weeks in advance of moving day. Sure, it may seem like a long time, but you will be surprised how quickly moving day approaches. Don’t worry, your QuickFuret moving team will do everything we can to help you stay organized. Our pre-move survey and moving toolkit are two key resources.

There are few factors to consider when deciding on a date to move your home or office with Quick Furet Moving Company. The good news is it really depends on what kind of planner you are! The winter months are less busy, so planning and availability is more flexible. Summer is much busier. This means planning further in advance. Thankfully, QuickFuret has helpful tips, tricks and resources to make it easier for you to plan ahead. There are few factors to consider when deciding on a date to move your home or office with Quick Furet Moving Company.

Yes there are specific items, especially if it’s not safe to move. If you like, your QuickFuret moving consultant can provide you with a comprehensive list. Briefly, however, here are some things we categorize as potentially not safe to move in our vehicles: aerosols, flammables, cleaning agents, combustibles, perishables, plants, ammunition and paints. It’s important to note that we recommend precious items and important documents not be put on truck they are not covered for loss or damage. Definitely inquire, if you have any concerns.

We encourage proper wrapping and blanket covers to protect all your items before transit. Light coloured upholstered furniture will be shrink-wrapped in plastic for extra protection. Mattresses and box springs will be placed either in plastic bags or specially designed cartons.

You bet. QuickFuret can disassemble and reassemble all kinds furniture for safe transportation. There are a couple things to note, however. Water beds will require special servicing, for example. Also, if you disassemble your furniture before we arrive, you will be responsible for putting it back together. (We recommend taking photographs during the process!) We care very much about your property, so if anything is fixed to your walls or ceilings, we will let you take care of those items.

Just tell us about the appliances you want to move, and you can be sure the right Quick Furet Moving Expert will be there to help. Note that some items like washers, dryers, refrigerators with ice makers, grandfather clocks and pool tables may need special servicing before they can be moved. But don’t sweat, your Quick Furet Moving Consultant can make these paid arrangements for you.

Definitely. QuickFuret moving delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, allowing your customer service representative to see where drivers are located at any given time and communicate accordingly to the customer. Just in case, all Quick Furet Moving Company drivers are available by cellphone for immediate contact while en-route.

It depends. If you are overseeing the move of your office, definitely check in with your colleagues in the accounting department about tracking expenses. If you are moving 40 km or more to start a new job, business or attend school, and are paying for the move yourself, you should definitely inquire with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

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